Bratislava – ZŠ Ružová Dolina

Bratislava – ZŠ Ružová Dolina – PORPLASTIC EP

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Bratislava ZŠ Tupolevova

Bratislava ZŠ Tupolevova – PORPLASTIC SB

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Kysucké Nové Mesto

Kysucké Nové Mesto – atletický ovál 400 m – PORPLASTIC SB

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About Company

The company SWIETELSKY stavební s.r.o. belongs to large building companies in the Czech Republic.

It is a part of one of the largest Austrian building concerns SWIETELSKY Baugesellschaft m.b.H., build on tradition, experience and financial stability. All these features are a guarantee of competent and high quality work.

Our company, operating in the Czech market as long as since 1992, has its headquarters in České Budějovice and its activities aim at provision of complex building services mainly in the field of sports, road, railroad and surface structures and constructions.

A key to success of all the activities offered by the company SWIETELSKY is the wide range and top class level of provided services, appraised by even the most demanding clients.

Sport Buildings Plant

The Sport buildings plant was established in 2000 in Jindřichův Hradec. As from that time we succeeded to perform many important professional as well as leisure time sport locations.

The employees of Sport Buildings Plant are regularly trained and informed about the newest technologies developed in partner companies. Naturally, we have an up-to-date fleet of machines, being extended as the demands on products quality grow.